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What Rivets

  • Craig
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6 years 2 months ago - 6 years 2 months ago #775 by Craig
What Rivets was created by Craig
I took the rub strip off the boat to address a persistant leaking problem.
I drilled the heads off the old rivets, and punched them out. Now I'm
wondering what to use. I picked up some 3/16 x 5/8 pop rivets with washers to
back them up, and some 3M 4200 for sealing. Does this sound right?

The leak isn't a problem for me my pillow is staying dry. ;)
Last edit: 6 years 2 months ago by Craig.

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6 years 2 months ago #785 by David
Replied by David on topic What Rivets
As long as you are dry that is the main thing :evil: Are the rivets to hold the rail on ? Could you not fill the holes with epoxy, redrill and put a pan head screw in 4200 under the rail. this should give you the strength but allow you to remove again if it ever leaks again ?

1990 Sunray Infinity
Twin 5.7 Cobra's

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  • Craig
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6 years 1 month ago #805 by Craig
Replied by Craig on topic What Rivets
The rivets I'm talking about are under the rubber strip that fits into the aluminium strip that runs around
the hull. It's the joint between hull and top deck. Bayliner fits the upper deck over the hull, and uses a
mixture of rivets "not pop rivets like I'll have to use" and some screws that are long enough to hold a decorative
panel in place to hide the seam from the inside. I may just use some stainless screws with a nut and washer on the inside
but there isn't a lot of room under the rubber bump strip for the head of a screw. Pop rivets fit more flush.

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